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Unique NFTs

Designed by a world-class artist capturing the Aura, Vibes and Pure Love of Dogs.

Altruistic ERC-721 standard

Empowered by smart contracts and the full transparency of the blockchain, the sale of the NFTs will go to fund the treasury of the DAO.

Governance power

Your Aura Dogs NFT will grant you a right to vote on DAO proposals and treasury decisions.

C o n n e c t

Adopt your Aura Dog in the metaverse

Create a unique connection in the metaverse your new pet will be waiting for a home.

Our House in the Metaverse

Hang out with the community at the Aura Dogs Shelter House.

Look out for surprises

Your unique NFT combined with the Metaverse Aura Dog's House will give you access to some unique experiences... 👀

l o v e A i m pac t

Designed with love

Aura Dogs is a frequency, full of style and vibes. Each one is designed with love and utmost attention to detail.

Impact DAO Art

Help fund Animal Shelter organizations and Adoption Centers for Stray Dogs, as well as providing a platform for Animal Rights advocates through Art.

Our loving community

We are a decentralized altruistic community connecting Web3 to a mission of delivering investment and funding towards animal rights initiatives.

m A r k e t p l A c e

Buy Retail Products.

Our marketplace will sell retail products with the Aura Dogs brand. Whereas it is in the metaverse or in an actual store, these products will help fund Animal Shelters.

Proceeds go to the DAO.

Profits from the sale of these products will also help fund the DAOs treasury.

Shipping worldwide or hiding in the metaverse.

We will be shipping a variety of these products worldwide.

Aura Dogs Collection Preview

Our Backers

DAO supported by Harmony's Bootstrap Grant

Our Whitepaper is coming up soon, please review our application and coming up milestones through these links.
Thank you for believing in this project Harmony Protocol.

Learn More about the Artist behind Aura Dogs