What is an
Impact DAO?

DAO - 101


A DAO helps a community align behind a common goal having blockchain tech as an anchor.
With the use of voting mechanisms, governance tokens and a common treasury, they can allocate resources together and in collective wisdom without neccesarily knowing one another or residing in the same place.


Blockchain tech and smart contracts help execute these processes seamlessly and transparently.

The community votes to execute code and actions without needing a strict hierachical decision making structure.


An Impact DAO is an organization seeking to create positive impacts for the ecosystem in which it resides.

Inspired by the Green Pill movement, we decided to start a community of dog lovers worried about the lives of furry friends around the world.

How is Aura Dogs an Impact DAO? Our 3 mandates:

Animal Care
and Aid

We will help fund Animal Shelter organizations and Adoption Centers for Stray Dogs, as well as providing a platform for Animal Rights advocates.

Altruistic Decentralization

We are a decentralized altruistic community connecting people to Web 3 in a common mission to deliver investment and funding towards animal rights initiatives.


Integration of the DAO and its crypto economy with business models outside of the crypto space establishing the AURA DOGS brand. We aim to create an economic model that will allow for the profit and self-sustainability of the Aura Dogs treasury.